Photovoltaic & Architectural Glass

Solar Illumination 1 Evolution of Language Pearl Avenue Library San Jose, CA

Solar Illumination I /
Evolution of Language

Pearl Avenue Library
San Jose, CA

project details

Four art glass windows in children’s section of the library are embedded with 144 photovoltaic cells that provide electricity for a glass lamp suspended near the library entrance.

Each window explores the evolution of an alphabet: Indian- ‘knowledge’ expressed in various early and contemporary Indian languages Russian - evolution of selected letters in Russian alphabet Latin - evolution of Latin alphabet starting with Phoenician Vietnamese - ‘moon’ from ancient Chinese through contemporary Vietnamese.

The lamp is engraved with phrase “We are all one” written in cuneiform, and is illuminated with colored LEDS that cycle subtly through the spectrum every 30 minutes resulting in a time-keeping effect. (see LIGHTING ELEMENTS & METALWORK)

Mott Children's Center Good Samaritan Hospital Puyallup, WA

Under the Sea

Mott Children’s Center
Good Samaritan Hospital
Puyallup, WA

project details

243 sq. ft. architectural glass window in the main lobby of Mott Children’s Therapy Center, designed by Zimmer Gunsul Frasca. The glass window wall separates the lobby from the cylindrically-shaped Aquatic Therapy Center. Related to Noah’s Ark, the theme of the children’s facility, the window is paired with Lynn Goodpasture’s Shell Mosaic, a 715 sq. ft. mosaic mural in the Aquatic Therapy Center.