Artist’s Statement

Lynn Goodpasture


Art and its versatile applications have been the central focus of my life since childhood and are the foundation of my professional work. 

Since 1998 I have worked exclusively on large-scale art designed for public spaces, as well as private and commercial environments.  Each commission is site-specific and permanently integrated into architecture or the exterior-built environment.  Commissions are often developed concurrently with the architectural design which requires extensive collaboration with architects, engineers, designers, fabricators, builders, and installers.  Each project begins with comprehensive research into the site: its purpose, history and future, and its community.  These unique characteristics develop and shape the concept. 

Materials are determined by the site and therefore projects are executed in wide ranging mediums: architectural glass, mosaic, tile, stone, metal, opalescent glass and slumped glass.  In addition, projects sometimes involve architectural components such as paved surfaces, gateways, and lighting elements. 

Locations of Work:


Art that engages children, and celebrates childhood, is a strong personal interest and I have done numerous installations directed toward children. Some projects are designed to encourage learning such as the geometric Labyrinth developed for Los Angeles Unified School District, and the evolution of written languages at the Pearl Ave. Library in San Jose, CA.


Art supports and enhances the healing process, and it has been a privilege to produce several art installations for children’s hospitals: University of Chicago Comer Children’s Hospital, and Mott Children’s Center which is devoted to physical therapy at Good Samaritan Hospital in Puyallup, WA.


The majority of my public commissions are located within the urban landscape. As a long term city dweller on both coasts I have always enjoyed encountering art within the public space because it expresses the complex multi-layered realities of urban living and can help relieve the stress of contemporary life in crowded cities.

Special Interests:


Using art to express, explore and communicate environmental issues is a primary interest. In 2009 I completed the 1st permanent public art in the US to use building-integrated photovoltaics: 144 solar cells embedded in art glass provide electricity for a large art glass lighting element suspended from the ceiling.


My work often involves engineering, and combines art and technology. Considerable engineering was required for a 12.5’ diameter tower clock with life-sized figures of children on the minute hand. In addition to using solar cells embedded in glass, I have worked with computer-controlled LED lighting elements. The marriage of art and engineering and new technologies is exciting and full of potential.


I have long valued art that engages the public and provides a service. During the last 10 yrs I have received commissions for 3 public clocks and an interactive paved labyrinth with 11 large stone slabs for children to use for their own chalk artwork.


Plants, animals, & water; evolution of language; science; astronomy; shadows & silhouettes are themes that inspire me and appear in my work. Line and color are the signatures that link one project to another.

In earlier years in New York, I designed and executed decorative art for architectural surfaces (ceilings, walls, floors, windows in paint, glass, metal and canvas) for private residences and such clients as:

  • ‘21’ CLUB NY, NY
  • Bergdorf Goodman, NY, NY
  • Crown Building, NY, NY
  • Plaza Hotel, NY, NY
  • Equitable Life Insurance
  • Royal Commission Headquarters, Yanbu, Saudi Arabia
  • Pickwick Hotel, Birmingham, AL
  • Pres. Martin Van Buren Nat’l Historic Home

Through this experience I developed high regard for craft and an appreciation for beauty in applied arts, both of which continue to inform my work today. In 2006 Goodpasture Art and Design was established to further develop opportunities for the continued application of my versatile aesthetic. Please peruse the portfolio to see various installations, and contact us for more specific information.

Thank you,
Lynn Goodpasture